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Product Empties: July 2017

Hello beautiful people! Another set of empties for this year! Hooray! I really want to finish all the skincare products that I currently have before adding new goodies in my stash. ​​​

Most of the products here are the stuffs I repurchased last June. 

1. Elujai Propolis Myrhh Ample 15ml.

​This ampoule known by it’s healing and brightening/lightening properties. It helps to calm down irritated skin and heal pimples too. Also lightens pimple marks, darks spots, hyperpigmentation and melasma. This is a good moisturizer too. 

A bottle is good for 30 days, I only need a pea-sized amount in every application. I will post my full review about this soon.
P.S. I am now on my second bottle BTW.😁

Update: Full Review:

Will I repurchase? Yes.

2. Mumuso Smooth and Clean Blackhead Removal Nose Mask 10g. 

​Effectively removes whiteheads! Easy to use and no messy application! 

Tip: After using this, be sure to use a pore care toner or an ice cold water to close your pores.

Note: Do not use any whitehead/blackhead strips or peel-off mask more than twice a month, or else you’ll ended up with large, visible pores. 
Will I repurchase? No. I think I’ll stop using nose strips after I finish what’s left inside the box.

3. Ariul Juice Cleanse Mask in S
pearmint & Green Apple. ​​

I already posted my review about this awesome mask! Find out why I love this mask. Read it here:

4. Skin9Village Peking Opera Mask: Whitening Collagen.

​This is the first printed mask that I’ve tried. The sheet mask is soft, however just a few mins wearing this, I noticed my upperlip feels numb and my neck started to itch. Not recommended for people with sensitive skin. 

Will I repurchase? No. ​

​5. CosRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid Sampler. 

I love this! I use this 1-2x a week as my exfoliant. It prevents cystic acne to form, especially on my chin area. Also my pores were less visible now. Been using this for almost 7months already, and I must say this is a must-have for everyone with acne-prone skin out there!😉 
Note: Do not use this more than 2x a week. This is a chemical exfoliant it may harm your skin if you use it often. 
Will I repurchase? Yes. Fullsized bottle soon!

6. CosRX Ultimate Honey Moisturizing Overnight Mask Sampler. 

I use this one alternately with the rice variant. This helps to calm down irritated skin and prevents future breakouts while  intensively moisturizing my skin without making my skin oily. I like how it makes my skin soft & hydrated. I also notice that it helps to heal zits faster and prevent it from leaving marks on my skin. You may use it as your daily moisturizer or as a sleeping mask in the evening. This is really good for people with acne-prone skin.
Will I repurchase? Yes! Fullsized jar soon!

7. CosRX Ultimate Rice Nourishing Overnight Mask.

My current favorite sleeping mask! I love how it deeply moisturizes my skin leaving it soft and glowing the next day! It helps to brighten dull skin and lightens pimple marks & dark spots as well. 
Will I repurchase? Yes! Fullsized jar please!! 

[I am loving CosRXproducts! I am currently using the BHA Emulsion too! Works wonder on my oily, acne-prone & sensi skin!]

8. Purederm Argan Oil Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelletes.

​Removes makeup effectively without irritating my sensitive skin. This is my 2nd step after I use a cleansing oil, and before I use my water-based cleanser. I also use this to remove my mascara off my lashes. I prefer removing mascara off using this rather than rubbing an oil-based makeup remover.  Plus you can always bring this anywhere and use it anytime you need it.😉

Will I repurchase? Yes.

9. Casamara Rosehip Soap 150g, Gluta Whitening Soap 150g & Oatmeal Soap 150g.

​Our current favorite organic soaps! The whole family love it! Safe, effective and very affordable! 

– Made my skin radiant and glowing! It also lightened some of my scars and hyperpigmentation on my ankles.
GlutaWhitening– Whitens dark areas on my skin. I love how it cleanses and whitens without leaving my skin dry and itchy. 
– My kids’ current fave! This helps to fight rashes and other minor skin irritation. Also mild enough to use by my 4year-old kid! This soap moisturizes the skin leavin it soft and smooth! They also like the oatmeal bits, helps to gently exfoliate without irritating my children’s delicate skin.
Review on these 3 soaps will be posted soon! 
Will I repurchase? Definitely yes! 

That’s it beautiful! If you have questions, just comment it down below. Thank you for dropping by! Have a nice day! Mwaah!


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