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[Review] TFS, Feverlet and It’s Skin Auto-eyebrow Pencils

​Hello everyone! So today, I will be sharing with you Bellas my three [Korean] Eyebrow Pencils. I would like to discuss first, the similarities of these brow pencils.(1) All of them have a spoolie on the other side which is a plus for me since I don’t have to bring a spoolie whenever I need to fix my brows. (2) These are retractable pencils and yep! no need to sharpen, just twist it and use it.😁 And lastly (3) all of them are broad-tip and angled-cut unlike the other brow pencils which are pointed or round.

1.) Feverlet Natural Eyebrow Pencil in Light brown.

​I got this from my loot box when I went to YeppunonniePH ‘s Grand Launching Event in Makati. Upon checking online, this cost 280-300PHP. ​

From all the eyebrow pencils, this is the only one that comes with a box + a refill. ​

This one is a bit lighter for my brows, so I use this in the inner part of my brows. This is perfect for those who are “mabibigat ang kamay” [ heavy-handed? don’t know the exact word haha!] because even if you apply this with great pressure, the product output is still light so you wont end up with thick looking brows.

I love the spoolie of this one, because it helps me to blend the product easily.​

2.) The Face Shop Designing Eyebrow Pencil in Gray Brown 02.​

I bought this online for only 105PHP. The color blends on my brows well, it looks very natural. It’s not too creamy but glides smoothly. ​

The spoolie of this is a bit hard to use for me since it has a shorter bristles.

3.) It’s Skin Baby Face Natural Eyebrow in Natural Black 01.

Since I have a lighter shade and a color that blends with my brows perfectly, so why not get a black shade that matches my very black hair?

I got this for only 60PHP(pre-order price) from an online shop. Very affordable right? This shade is what I use to fill in the bald spots on my brows to make my brows to look fuller. ​

For me, the britsle of the spoolie is too thick and a bit harder than my TFS brow pencil. But it’s no biggie, I can always use a separate spoolie right?😊 

Here are the swatches: [Note: All photos below are not edited nor filtered. I used the cam of my cp ( My Phone Rio Lite) to take photos in front of my window. I just labled them for your reference.]

**with flash. Natural lightning.

**without flash. Natural lightning.

Now let me show you which of them are smudge-proof and water-proof.

Smudge ONCE:

Let’s see if they’re waterproof:


So there you go Bellas! I hope this post will help you too choose which one you’d like to try in the future. If you have anything to ask or if you want to suggest something, just comment it down below. Thank you beautiful and see you on my next post!


2 thoughts on “[Review] TFS, Feverlet and It’s Skin Auto-eyebrow Pencils

  1. Eyebrow products is a must. May it be in pencil, gel or powder form. But for me I preferred pencil type coz it really works for me but I stay away from waxy types of pencil for it tends to be erased on my oily face. Retractables are okay but I’d like the ones that need to be sharpened, mine always ends up breaking until none are left.

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