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My Avon Haul + First Impression Review!

Hello Beautiful! Today I will be sharing to you the stuffs I bought from Avon and a few details + my first impression on each products.
Now let’s get started!

From left to right: Avon Naturals Hair Care Divine Shine, Anti-dandruff & Nourishing, Avon Footworks Healthy Deodorizing Foot Powder, Avon Life Natur-E, Avon Naturals Body Care Nourishing (Honey) and Skin So Soft Collagen Bar Soap.

Avon Naturals [Hair Care] Divine Shine Shampoo +Conditioner 200ML.
“Let your hair shine. Infused with coconut oil, this nourishing 2in1 shampoo& conditioner gently cleanses as it refreshes hair from root to tip.”

Anti-dandruff & Nourishing Shampoo +Conditioner 200ML.
“Formulated with Camellia & Chamomile extracts, this 2 in 1 shampoo&conditioner contains ZPT ingredient to help fight and control dandruff while providing tht everyday moisture balance.”

Since me and my hubby have sensitive scalp, we are having a hard time to find which shampoo will works for us. Glad we gave Avon Naturals a try and yes these two really works amazing!

I use both while my hubby uses the anti-dandruff shampoo only. It cleanses our hair thoroughly without making it dry and frizzy. I personally love the Divine Shine variant, not only it makes my hair shiny, it also makes my hair managable and healthy! Plus I love the scent, smells like coconut and vanilla! The other variant works well on me too, this one has a mild floral scent.

As for my hubby, the Anti-dandruff variant helps him removes those flakes on his scalp and prevent dandruff from coming back.

Both did not made our scalp itchy and “hindi nag sugat sugat ang scalp namin”. And oh my 11-year-old boy uses these too! 👌 

Price: 99PHP each. [Sale/Promo 2 bottles for 189PHP!

Avon Foot Works Healthy Foot Powder 100G.
“Provides all day odour protection. Special moisture absorbers help feet stay dey and comfortable. Fortified with cool, invigorating menthol plus tea tree oil.”

I bought this for us whenever we wear shoes. This will help our feet stay dry, comfy and odour-free. I already tried the lotion variant last 2015 but it’s a bit sticky after 4-5hours, so I decided to get this instead. It smells nice, mild enough for us. You can directly apply this on your feet or into your shoes. The only downside is, it has paraben.😣

Price: 199PHP

Avon Life Natur-E.
I find other Vitamin E a bit pricey, and since this one was on sale, I thought to give this one a try. 
This has 11.87mg of Vitamin E, 3.8mg of Phosphatidylcholine and 3mg of Lycopene per serving. A bottle has 30 soft gels which is good for a month. I started taking this once a day last Thursday. 

Medyo na tatabaan lang ako sa soft gel, making it hard for me to swallow. But it’s ok, baka hindi lang ako sanay. I hope this will make my skin healthy inside-out after 30days.🙏
Price: 249PHP ( I got for only 149PHP[Sale])

Avon Naturals Body Care Nourishing Bar Soap 120g.
“Naturals Nourishing Bar Soap contains Honey & Shea Butter extract, known to contains moisturizing properties to help keep skin soft and smooth. Effectively cleanses without drying the skin.Suitable for all skin types.”

The scent of this one is kinda strong and stays on my skin for almost an hour. But I love how it makes my skin soft and smooth. I like that it doesn’t make my skin “malagkit” whenever I sweat unlike the other nourishing soaps I’ve tried.

Price: 59PHP

​•Avon Naturals Skin So Soft Collagen Whitening & Renewal Beauty Bar Soap 90g.

“Infused with Collagen to make skin look tighter in 1 week! Instantly helpz to provide a white body skin tone, the rich and mild lather leaves skin feeling softer and smoother. Effectively cleanses to remove impurities.Suitable for all skin types.”

There are two ingredients I want in my soap, “Shea Butter” and “Collagen”. So I bought this because it has collagen and got curious if it will really make my skin tighter in just 1 week! It cleanses my skin well and leaving it soft and smooth after. It has a mild floral scent but the scent fades after bathing. 
Price: 89PHP

**I bought both bath soap for only 105PHP (Promo Price).

So there you go Bellas, these are my recent purchase from Avon. Madaming magagandang items sa Avon na worth-buying talaga. Plus ang daming promo and sale!😁​

How about you Bellas, what are your recent haul/purchase from Avon? 


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