Casamaraph: Bleaching Soap


“Eliminates skin pigmentation and blemishes. Promotes soft and smooth complexion. Helps lighten dark spots and skin tone.”

Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Glycerin, Arbutin, Virgin Aconitifolia Extract, Lactic Acid.

Got it fromCasamaraPH | 

Price: 150PHP/150g

Packaging: Sealed with plastic. Product description and comolete list of ingredients were written. No Expiration date indicated.

Scent: Mild scent of coconut. 

My Thoughts:

Hello Bellas! I’m back for another product review! I know a lot of you are waiting for this post so without futher a do, let’s get started!
Last month I’ve received some organic goodies sent by Ms. Leika, owner of CasamaraPH. One of them was the most rave soap, the Bleaching Soap. This soap is VCO-based (Virgin Coconut Oil based) which explains why it somehow smells like coconut. The soap is unscented, but my strange sense of smell pick up some scent of the main ingredient. Honestly, I like how it smells like, it doesn’t bother me at all, very mild and it doesn’t stays longer on my skin. Just like the feeling of smelling coconut while I enjoy rubbing the bar onto my skin. The bar was kinda big for me, so I cut the soap into three. 

Look how thick this soap is!
I started using this soap last September 15, 2016 and just finished the whole bar (Oct.20,2016).
I used this twice a day everyday. I let it sit on my skin for 3-5mins and rinse it completely with water.
Here are my experiences while using CasamaraPH Bleaching Soap:

Day 1-3: I was expecting that it will sting or make my skin itchy, suprisingly, there were no sting, itch nor strange feeling on my first three days.👌

Day 4-6: There were no visible result or any changes on my skin. still no itchy, stingy feeling.

Day 7: I noticed my skin became glowing. 💕 Again, zero itch/sting.

Day 8-11: I am sorry bellas, I didn’t have time to observed these days, medyo busy ang ate nyo. 

Day 12-14: It’s been two weeks but no dryness on skin which should be this very moment dapat nag fflake or dry na sya. So thumbs up to this soap, walang dryness at all! My skin became brighter and still glowing especially sa arms. Starting to see changes on my dark areas. Every time na naliligo ako, dead skin started falling off na. 😍 
(Mukhang napakatagal maubos ng soap na to so I decided to observe it every 5 days or as long as my changes, tsaka ko lang siya isusulat sa aking notepad.)

Day 15-20: My skin is a bit lighter than before. My knees started to lighten a bit and some part na may uneven skintone ay medyo nag papantay na. But on these days, my skin looks a bit dry. A bit of micropeeling started on some areas (shoulders, arms, binti), but don’t worry, it’s not visible unless tititigan mo. 

Day 21-25: My skin is glowing! It looks healthy! Micropeeling subsides. Still no itchy, stingy feeeling! Wow!

Day 26-35: Skin looks lighter! Feels so soft and smooth! Tan lines on my feet lightened a bit. Some of my scars faded too! My knees looks better, although it looks a bit dry but body lotion will take care of it. 

Results? See it yourself. 😉

Overall, I looove Casamaraph’s Bleaching Soap, it does its job pretty well. My skin looks really good and even better! I have sensitive skin and I was surprised how mild this soap was, no irritation or allergic reaction at all. But of course, to those who wants to try this soap, you must do a patch test first before using it all over your body. That’s it Bellas! Hope this review helps you to know more about this soap. Just always remember that products that works well on me might not work on you or viceversa.:)


👍Organic, chemical-free and paraben-free.

👍Affordable for only 150php you’ll get a 150g bar that can last up to 35days if used twice everyday.

👍Evens out skintone.

👍Lightens, softens & smoothens skin with regular use.

👍Lightens dark areas and old scars.

👍Skin looks radiant and glowing after a week.

👍No itchy, stingy feeling.

👍Minimal micropeeling.

👎Need to buy online and pay for sf.

Will I repurchase? Absolutely Yes!

Rating: 4.9⭐


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