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My First Korean Makeup & Skincare Haul

Hello beautiful people!👋 Today I am going to share with you my first ever Korean Beauty Products Haul sent by Ms. Charmille Alvarado of  The Cool Mom’s Shop (Thank you so much sissy!😘)  What I have here are Valencia Gio Skincare and Cosmetics and Beauty Friends Essence Masks. First, let’s have a brief info about VG. Since korean ang language kahit sa web about VG, I asked Ms. Charm to tell me about Valencia Gio Cosmetics. She said that Valencia Gio is a Korean brand, registered and insured by Samsung. They have an agreement with Samsung that they should only make products that are eco-friendly. So everything was made with vegetable extracts and natural ingredients. In short, they’re all natural-based. I can’t read the labels because everything was in Korean, but some words were written in English. I was really happy to know that atleast all of these items are eco friendly.  So let’s cut the intro na and start na! hihi.

I have 7 goodies here:

1. Beauty Friends II Essence Mask Sheet Pack

“Feel the Beauty within with Beauty Friends. This water-soluble essence mask sheet pack is designed to deeply moisturize and condition the skin using concentrated natural plant extracts the help the skin absorb nutrients.”

: 25PHP/Mask 
Ms. Charm sent me 8 variants : Tomato, Pomegranate, Vit C, Cucumber, Aloe Vera, Lemon, Pearl and Cereal. She also have Snail and Collagen. So basically they’re all made from fruits and plants extract. I already tried the Tomato and it was so relaxing and it gave my skin instant glow after I used it. The scent is quite strong once you’ve opened the pack but will fade eventually. The Tomato Mask, well of course, smells like fresh tomatoes. Ms. Charm’s clients and resellers also told her that everything smells like fresh vegetables talaga. And oh, for those who are askin if these have strong alcohol scent, I asked Ms. Charm and she replied that according to her dermatologist friend, the scent might smells like alcohol not because it has an alcohol in it but it was because of the mixed scents of plant extracts. And there are no alcohol content written on the ingredients.  I’ll be doing a separate post about these masks so I can tell you my thoughts on each variants. I’ll update you bellas once it’s up.


2. Valencia Gio Professional Skin Care Moisture Essence

“Moisture surge, extra thirsty skin relief. Skin looks and feels softer, firmer and more supple.”

: 350PHP/45ml
I love this one, although I really can’t understand everything written on the label except for the one written infront of the box and on the bottle. The packaging looks good. I really like moisturizer, cream or serum in a pump bottle. Can ewsily dispense and very hygeinic. One pump is enough for my face and neck. Non-sticky, light-weight and easily absorbed by the skin. This is really perfect for my skin, because even my face is oily it looks dehydrated pa din. I will update you after I finish the bottle and post my detailed review on this. 

3. Valencia Gio BB Magic Blemish Balm Whitening & Anti-Wrinkle with SPF 45 / PA+++

“It helps to make natural makeup supplying sufficient moisture, protect and prevent skin trouble and calm down stimulated skin.” 

: 300PHP
I love bb creams. They’re perfect for everyday use. I tried this a while ago and it enhanced my skintone, it looks glowing. It didn’t cover some of my blemishes but it covered redness around my nose and chin area. It is also nice that this bb cream has SPF45, so no need to apply suncreen anymore. The packaging looks cute! Pink tube! It has a mild mix of floral and powdery scent. The scent fades once applied. I used my finger tips to apply this and it didnt gave me a hard time blending it, and I think the shade blends well on my skin. 

The product was sealed to ensure its freshness.
Top: Product itself. Middle: When swatched once. Bottom: When blended well on skin.

4. Valencia Gio Make up Cover Foundation Collection 

: 350PHP

Shade: #21 
It doesn’t have any product description written on it. No box either. I think this one is cream foundation or a concealer. Will do a research about this one and update you bellas right away. So for now, here’s how it looks when swatched.

Top: Product swatched once. Middle: When slightly blended. Bottom: When blended well on skin.

5. Valencia Gio Face Powder

“Containing botanical extracts, it helps to make natural and soft finish creating silky and pearly skin.”

Price: 280PHP/30g

Shade: #23
If I am going to choose, I’ll chooe loose powder over pressed powder. It feels lighter on my skin and really good for everyday use. This one is in a big plastic jar (with sifter and powder sponge inside). Naka-sealed din ito.

It has a mild floral-powder scent. It does give a silky pearly finish but it doesnt have shimmers. I have tried to using this yet, but will surely update you soon. 

6. Valecia Gio Air Light Two-way Cake 

“Natural-based, Vegetable Extracts. Helps a natural balance and clean, ciastic skin.”
Price: 300PHP

Shade: #23 Medium Beige

If you’re into classy elegant packaging, you might want to buy this. It really looks “sosyalin” haha. Please see the photo below nalang, ang hirap iexplain haha.

So this one is a two-way cake. I havent tried the wet application yet. Anyway, I used this powder to set the VG BB Cream. It gives light-medium coverage when dry. I think the shade really matched on my skintone (Galing mo Ms. Charm hihi). It has a matte finish and can control oil up to 4-5hours. My face still look good after almost 8 hours. Even on my undereye area, hindi nag-cake kahit pinawisan na ko. 

Top: Product swatched once. Bottom: When blended on skin.

7. Valencia Happy Lip Gloss

Price: 120PHP

Shade: #9
This one has a translucent color when applied. A bit sticky. It smells like sweet strawberry flavored candies which I really like. If you have Etude House Darling Tint, kaamoy siya nun, yung red na shade. It doesnt have any description written on the label except for the product name and some Korean writtings at the back. 

Like other lip gloss. It has a doe-foot applicator makes application easily to spread.

Here’s a swatch for you.

Over all I think these are all good and really worth to try. What really impress me about VG is that they’re all natural-based. As much as possible kasi I really want everything organic, vegan or natural na. I really hope that they would translate everything in english or just make a website with translations so everyone will be aware on what are the complete list of ingredients. Oh, I forgot to mention that all of these have their manufactured/Batch no. and expiration dates written on their labels which is a plus for me. Atleast we know yung lifespan and freshness of each product di ba? So ayun, Ill just make a detailed review soon on each of them. Again, even these items were sent to me for free, all my reviews will remain honest and true. Oki?  Hope this helps you to know a bit about Valencia Gio and Beauty Friends II. For more info you might wanna check out Ms. Charm’s FB Page and Shopee account. I think Sale and Free SF  pa sa shopee etong mga items na to. I will put all the links down below para macheck nyo.  If you have something in your mind, questions, clarifications comments feel free to write them down below! I’ll be glad to answer them all! Have a nice day everyone! Mwaa! 😘😘😘

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