Faith Hope Love: Tomato Kokum Soap

“Every now and then we get red, painful, spot on our face commonly known as a pimple. Some can get a spot or maybe two. But for others who are very unfortunate, they get a whole bunch of oimples concentrating on the cheeks, on the nose, on the forehead, on the chin or worse, the whole face! Tomato Kokum will tame your acne in no time! The active ingredients were carefully formulated to dry up pimples fast. Now that’s what O like in my acne soap! Best partnered with AMP Soap for the after pimple marks(dark spots).

  • Anti-Acne
  • Acne Cure
  • Pore Refining
  • Moisturizing
  • Oil Control
  • Brightening and Glowing”

Ingredients: [Active Ingredients] Vegetable Glycerin, Kokum Butter, Tomato Lycopene, Borage Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil, Tamanu Oil. [Secondary Actives] Vit F Forte™, Sunflower Seed Oil, Carrot Extract, Coco Betaine, Lemon Peel Oil, Preservative – Leucidal™

Bought it fromFaith Hope Love Soap

Price: 150PHP/100g

Packaging: Square-shaped box with floral prints. Product description, complete list of ingredients, directions, manufacturer info and batch/expiration dates were written.

Scent: Mild scent of tomatoes.

My Thoughts:

Tomato Kokum is for people with oily/acne-prone skin. It’s also mild enough for people with sensitive skin. I was hesitant to try this one before because of it’s “banat feeling” (Ms. Van,the owner of FHL told me). I really don’t like soap that gives a tight feeling every after wash. I experienced once before and it immediately broke me out.:( The sample soap was given to me back then on my first purchase. It took me 2weeks or more before I decided to try it. And so, I started testing this one out and goodie it didn’t gave me any allergic reaction. I added this to my routine last May2016 (forgot the exact date) and amazingly surprised on what this soap did to my skin. First, yes, this soap gave me a tight feeling after washing my face with it, but  I only experienced that “tight feeling” on my first week. My face instantly looked glowing and brighter after my first wash. Also it made my skin squeakyclean without drying my skin. My face felt so good, soft and moisturized. Tomato kokum alsoremoved excess oil leaving my skin matte for almost 5hours. I really have very oily skin,I also have large pores on my nose and cheek areas, and this soap made them less visble in just a week. I was like whoah! what a soap!  Also this really does cure acne/pimples! I had two cystic pimps (because of my period,ugh red days) and this soap healed them fast. 😄 Di ba we have zits na habang tumatagal nagiging painful and red na, when you use this soap it will surely lessen the redness and pain, and will dry those zits overnight. Yes, truelaloo!👌 After a month of using it, I really saw a big improvement on my skin, it became less oily, finer pores, glowing and brighter skin! It really did wonder on my skin. I still have a pimple or two every month (you know, red days) but it doesn’t stay longer on my face. Zits were healed overnight and after 2-3 days, flat and less visible na! Amazing right? For almost two months of using it I am really satisfied and really thankful to this soap, all the claims are really true, except for the anti-acne part,  it prevents cystic pimps but I am still having tiny pimps occasionally, well, maybe because I sometime have sleepless night, minsan stress kaya ayun , pimps are still coming but hey, sobrang laki ng improvement ng skin ko. I am using two anti-acne products together with this soap, I tried to stop using this soap and rely on my regular face wash + the two anti-acne products, 3 pimples (1 cystic and 2 small zits) showed up and then I switched back to this soap, and ayun, those 3 pimples were healed agad. 😁 That’s when I realized this soap was only one who helps me taming those icky zits.

Photo taken on my instagram account. Sorry for the grainy pic waa.

You know what else is good about this soap? Sobrang matipid. The photo above was the sample cut given to me. Its about an inch long. Would you believe me that this small cut here lasted for a month??? YES! TRUE! I am not exaggerating, it really lasted that long! I used this on my face twice  a day. I immediately bought the full-size of Tomato Kokum after I finished the sample soap. For a price of 150PHP and cut the bar into 8, it can last for almost 8months! (Well of course you should keep it sealed/wrapped to keep it fresh)  Effective na, affordable pa! Pero syempre, always remember na hiyangan pa din when it comes to skincare. You can always try naman, malay mo, ok sayo tong soap na ito. No one will know unless you try. 🙂


👍Vegan,Organic,natural and cruelty-free.

👍Very effective. ( I have oily sensitive skin btw.)

👍Prevents cystic acne, cures pimples overnight.

👍Oil control.Leaves my skin oil-free for almost 5 hours.

👍Moisturizing. My face feels so soft every after wash, no malagkit feeling.

👍 Made my skin glowing and brighter than before.

👍Made my large pores less visible in a week! Finer pores after a month!

👍Affordable and super matipid! A bar can last up to 8 months if you cut it into 8. 


👎Doesn’t prevent tiny pimples, BUT it does cure them overnight naman. 😁
Will I Repurchase? YES! So far the best facial soap that I’ve used. 

Rating: 5/5 ⭐


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