Faith Hope Love: Coffee Soap

“Exfoliating. Moisturizing. Toning. Coffee is a good source of natural antioxidant. A good coffee scrub will exfoliate and cleanse your pores especially dead skin cells infusing its antioxidant property to your skin thus bumps are diminished giving you a smoother skin.”

: [Active Ingredients] Coffee Granules, Coffee Extract, Marine Collagen, Seaweed Extract. [Secondary Actives] Vit F Forte™, Sunflower Seed Oil, Carrot Extract, Coco Betaine, Lemon Peel Oil, Preservative – Leucidal™

Bought it from
Faith Hope Love Soap

: 140PHP/100g

: Square-shaped Box a d soap. I really like the simplicity of this box. Looks vintage and classic. Product description, complete list of ingredients, directions and exp. date were written.

: Smells like coffee-mocha latte. The scent is very mild and relaxing.

My Thoughts

I am a coffee addict, I drink coffee everyday and will not be satisfied without it. I was so happy to found out that FHL sells a soap made with coffee! I bought one and tried it immediately after it came to my mail. The scent is really good, it relaxes me. At first, I was kinda bothered sa bits coz it somehow scratches my skin. So I decided to use this soap every other day na lang. The soap were fully loaded of coffee bits. It’s not like the other soaps with exfoliating bits that I’ve tried. Talagang makikita mo yung madaming bits ng coffee! Hindi siya tinipid. And that’s great, I felt that “oh! Sulit na sulit!”. :)I let it sit on my skin for 2mins then rinsed it thoroughly. My skin felt so soft, smooth and moisturized right after my first wash!  Yey! 🙌 About the toning part, I noticed the my skin was  looked firmer, especially my pata, este, my thighs after two weeks.Awesome right? 

See that coffee bits? 🙂

I also tried to use this on my face. Same results, soft and smooth every after wash. It also leave my skin squeaky clean without stripping skin’s natural moisture. No breakouts as well. Maybe I’m gonna continue using this alternately with my face soap. 😉

I mentioned this soap on my PB Gluta Rosywhite review, wherein I used this soap together with it. It acted as my scrub for exfoliating those icky dead skin. So far, it really did a great job boosting the other soap’s whitening properties. I also thought that this was the reason why the micropeeling part was less visible. It took me a month to finish the half of this soap.I think this soap can last up to two months if used once every other day. So I can say that this is quite affordable compared to other exfoliating bars that I’ve tried. The best exfoliating bar soap so far.💖


👍Made from 100% natural and vegan. 80% organic.

👍Relaxing aroma. Mild coffee scent. Not overpowering.

👍Great combo with any whitening soaps. 

👍Moisturizing , non-drying. Leaves skin soft and smooth.

👍Made my skin firmer after two weeks. 

👍Exfoliates dead skin very well.

👍Affordable, and doesn’t melt fast. Can last up to 2months if used every other day.


👎Need to order/buy online.

Will I Repurchase?

: 4/5⭐


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