Pink Beautiq: Gluta Powerpeel Soap

A combination of two of the most powerful skin lightening agents PLUS exfoliating beads.

Glutathione and Kojic acid in one soap. Whitens skin through micro peeling. Best used for straight three months or until micro peeling is desired and needed. Rosehip oil serves as moisturizer so skin feels silky smooth even when skin’s peeling. Ideal and safe to use everyday for micro skin peeling. Best used for those who have pink undertones or pinkish skin and first timers.

•Excellent exfoliating beads, thoroughly cleanse embedded dirt.

•Feel the immediate results; skin soft & smooth.

•Helps lighten skin pigmentations such as acne scars, age spots, underarms, inner thighs & even private parts.

•Continuos use will provide youthful, fairer and glowing skin. 

NOTE: All skin whitening products should be used in conjunction with sunscreen.
Instructions: Lather soap and apply to treatment areas. Leave the soap on for up to 3-5 minutes. Apply once per day and increase to twice a day if well tolerated. If dryness occurs follow with a moisturizing cream.

Ingredients: Glutathione, Kojic Acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Rosehip Oil. 

Bought it from: Pink Beautiq International [I got mine for free. This was one of my prizes from joining Pink Beautiq’s 40k Followers Giveaway.]

Price: 150PHP/ 110g

Packaging: Same like Gluta Rosywhite. It was wrapped with plastic with printed label. Product description, ingredients, precaution and batch/expiration date were written. 

Scent: I really can’t tell what it smells like, forgive  me. It doesn’t smells good nor bad. You will not be bothered by the scent, dont worry. 

My Thoughts:

Hey bellas! If you have read my previous post about Gluta Rosywhite, I mentioned that I’ll be using Gluta Powerpeel next. So here it is, I am gonna share with you my experience using the PB Gluta Powerpeel Soap. 

I have finished a bar already. I started using this soap last June 14, 2016. I used it twice a day, even it was adviced to use once/day on the first week. I did that coz I felt that I can manage whatever it may cause me. So, I let it sit on my skin for 3mins in the morning and 5mins in the evening. I still use the same suncreen (Nivea Firming Body Serum with SPF33) and body butter (Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla). This time, I didnt use my favorite coffee soap. This is to test out this soap’s exfoliating strength.

Here’s my daily experiences while using this soap:

On my first three days, there were no visible changes, no sting or itch, it was like using a regular soap. But my skin felt moisturized.

4th day: There was a minimal micropeeling on some parts and it got a bit itchy. 

5th day: I noticed that it made my skin smoother and brighter, I still have micropeeling but it was not visible unless you get to look closer. Same like the other soap, it made my skin look makintab. 

6th day: Micropeeling stopped.

7th & 8th day: Micropeeling again. My skin looked makintab pa din.  

9th day: I actually tried to use this one on my underarms, and I’m glad I did! It made my UA lighter and smoother. 

10th day: My hubby noticed that my skin became glowing and a bit lighter than before. And my scars faded.

11th day: I have this annoying spots on my legs, especially sa binti. It looks like mantsa or should I say dumi that was staying on my  binti after I gave birth to my bunso. Finally, its gone! 

12th/13th/14th day: No changes. 

15th day: Dead skin coming off after I bathe, ang dami! Micropeeling-pa-more! YES, it was all over my body. But I was suprised that there were no itch, no sting or even dryness at all! My skin looks healthier and glowing. The micropeeling wasnt visible, unless you get closer. 

16th day: Micropeeling stopped again, and my skin started to feel dry na. Especially on my hands. But no worries, I have my body butter with me. 🙂 

17th day: Starting this day, I wasn’t able to apply my lotion with SPF. pulube days kasi, ya know. And I didn’t have enough time to observe na, I need to do something important kasi.

23rd day: Yea, the soap lasted for 23days. Wow! Unlike the rosywhite variant, it just lasted for 14day. From 17thday up to 23rd day there were no itch, no sting but felt a bit dry. I also noticed that since I missed applying my lotion with SPF. My skin felt dry after every sun exposure and I thought my skin was getting dark again. So bellas, remember to always apply your sunscreen before heading out especially if you’re using a whitening and peeling soap. After using the last cut of this soap, I still experienced micropeeling all over my body and dead skin kept on coming off. 

Results: Lighter, glowing and almost even skin! I am satisfied with results. It really evened out my skintone. And those ugly dark spots, marks and scars really vanished after using a bar of Gluta Powerpeel. Ang galing! My underarms lightened and felt so soft and smooth.I think the combo ifthis soap and the organic deo that I am using did the job. Hooray! I can wear sleeveless na without getting conscious on what my UA looks. :)👌 I am still shy to take a photo of my UA, maybe soon pag super flawless na.hihi. Oh, my inner thighs lightened too! Nawala din yun rough patches ko. My skin feels smoother talaga!wee! I know you bellas are waiting for the no filter before and after photos so here you go: 

After using one bar of Pink Beautiq’s Gluta Powerpeel Soap.My legs are almost even skintone na, look at my knees, it really looks good. My skin looks amazing! [Kinda dull and dark tignan yung sa bandang taas ng photo. It was because of the shadows lang]

A closer look. My arms and legs are almost same skintone na. 😁 Please excuse my stretchmarks and my hairy 😂
From left to right: Before using any soaps. After using one bar of Gluta Rosywhite. After using one bar of Gluta Powerpeel.

As you can see it really transformed my skin into a lighter, healthier and glowing skin. The scar on my left thigh vanished and the ugly dark mark on my right knee lightened as well. I am really happy what Pink Beautiq Soaps did to my skin. It’s really amazing!  Lalo na, how it made my  dark spots, marks and scars lighter and some of them are really gone for real! My hubby was also amazed how it lightened and improved my skin. Hmm, I think my skin will look much better if I continued using my sunscreen and if I have used the lotion, scrub and cream made for this soap, mas bongga siguro ang resulta, baka mas flawless pa talaga! Well, I am still planning to try the next soap after this, the Glutamax stronger than the two soaps I have tried. Maybe I’m gonna purchase it together with the lotion and scrub to see how the combo works. But for now, I’ll be resting my skin from peeling soaps muna. Hope these infos will help you out! Just remember to always do a patch test first before using it oki? And not all products that worked on me will work on your skin. We have different skin types so please, be extra careful if you’re planning to try this soap. 


👍 Natural,safe and effective. 

👍Made my skin soft, smooth and glowing. 

ively whitens and lightens. Dark spots, marks and scars are gone, though some of my old marks are still there, but it’s now leas visible. Pumuti talaga ako, mas lighter and glowing ung skin ko in person. Promise! Lalo na yung tuhod ko, pumuti talaga. I have a dark spot sa knees and now it’s comepletely gone! 

👍Made my UA lighter and smoother!

👍No stinging sensation. Just a mild itchy feeling after taking a bath then  eventually mawawala.

👍Affordable, for only 150PHP you will have the results you want. But of course if you use it regularly.  Tyagaan talaga, and you need to apply suncreen in the morning and hydrating lotion before you sleep. And also, use a body scrub. 
👍Can last up to 1month if used twice a day. 


👎Unscented. I am really into scented soaps kasi. Yun lang. 

Will I repurchase? Yes, but not now. I’d like to try the other variants first to see which one is better.

Rating: 3.5/5 ⭐


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