Faith Hope Love: Pure Love Soap

” Suds up safely. Our gentle, safe baby soap conditions little ones’ skin without over-drying, so it’s perfect for your child’s daily bath time routine. 

Certified Natural – Made with Organic Ingredients Moisturizing, non-irritating and soothing for skin – non-drying baby soap.

No artificial fragrance, color, detergents, synthetic or harsh ingredients. (Hypoallergenic) Made with Pure Vegetable Glycerin”

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Almond Milk, Oat Protein, Lavander, Sweet Almond Oil. Secondary Actives: Vit F Forte™, Sunflower Seed Oil, Carrot Extract, Coco Betaine, Lemon Peel Oil, Preservative – Leucidal™.

Bought it from: Faith Hope Love Soap

Price: 140PHP/100g

Packaging: Very Neat. Square-box with nature design. The soap was sealed with plastic wrap. Product description, directions, complete list of ingredients and expiration date were written. 

Scent: Mild scent. Smells like malabnaw na milk.( I’m really not good at describing  scents. Waa.)

My Thoughts

Another love from Faith Hope Love Soap! Pure Love is a pure vegetable glycerin soap, and good for sensitive skin. My kids used this one. Mild and gentle on skin. It doesn’t produce much bubbles when used, but if you’ll use a hand gloves and add some water, then bubbly bath it is! My 3-year-old son loves this so much, he’s now always excited to take a bath and looking forward to use Pure Love. My panganay loves this too, he said that his skin feels softer every after wash. And it brightened his face after three days. It gently cleanses and moisturizes their skin. Plus, it helps to control “amoy-pawis” which I really like, no more asim na haha! I think all soaps from this brand really helps to control body ordor, thumbs up for that! Another love about this soap is it helps to calm skin irritations. For example, my kids always have skin rashes , I still don’t know what it causes but I was so happy to found out that Pure Love can heal those icky itchy rashes over night and prevent those from coming back. It’s just so amazing! Like magic! I have tried lots of baby soaps and other treatment creams/oitments sold in the market but only this soap really did the job.👍 What else? Oh, Pure Love removes redness and stingy feeling in just one wash. Yes, it’s true! I forgot to take photos,it was night time kasi, and my cam phone sucks if there’s no sunlight. Huhu. Anyway, I was patch testing a new product I bought and it irritated my skin, Ms. Van, the owner of FHL told me to wash my face with Pure Love sampler she included on my first purchased. And so I tried, suprisingly it worked! Right after I wash! Since then, I always keep a slice of this in case I get skin irriations again. 

Actual Photo: Sorry , I already cut it into two. My kids are using the other half na.


👍100%Natural&Vegan. 80+% Organic.

👍Hypo-allergenic. Really great for sensitive skin.

👍Leaves skin squeaky clean without dryness. Keep skin moisturized all day.

👍Brightens dull skin. 

👍Mild scent. Milky aroma. 

👍Heals and prevents skin rashes / allergies.

👍Soothes skin irritation.

👍Very Affordable for a pure vegetable glycerin soap.

👍Sulit! it can last up to three weeks if used twice sa body. 3months up if used twice sa face. Oha!


👎You need to order it online and pay for sf. So you better hoard girl! 

Will I Repurchase?

: 5/5 ⭐



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